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IN-CAMERA Workshop: Day Two

Happy Thursday!  Friday is almost here.  Are you excited for the weekend??

I am excited to post the photos from day two of the IN-CAMERA Photography Workshop I attend a couple of weeks ago.  What is the IN-CAMERA Workshop, you ask?  Well, the  IN-CAMERA Workshop is a workshop for photographers who want to be able to achieve great looking images in the camera, thus minimizing the need for endless hours of PhotoShop in post production.  The workshop is brain child of Nashville, TN photographers, Zach & Jody Gray.  They’ve been touring the world teaching photographers their process for getting killer photos without the aid of PhotoShop and we were lucky enough to have them come to Sacramento.

Day two was definitely my favorite simply because I love making photographs with studio lighting.  We started off the day reviewing lighting styles,  lighting ratios, and different artificial light sources, equipment and tools.   Zach & Jody went through their step-by-step process for studio lighting and the equipment they use to make amazing, jaw-dropping photographs – IN-CAMERA.  Then, the fun began!  The group gathered their gear and went outside to photograph our two models.  We each got to set up our lighting style and lighting ratio for the look we wanted to achieve.  There were a lot of creative set ups and it was interesting to see the different perspectives of each photographer.  It really reinforced to me how differently we all see things.  We made pictures until the sun when down, then went back to the True Love Photo studio to wrap up the workshop with some post processing tips.  You can see by the photos below how little PhotoShop is required to make great photos “in camera”.

This photo below was my light set up…  And my favorite of the day!  Check out Jenna, rockin’ it out in her green scarf.  Love it!!


And finally… the group photo of the day courtesy of Gray Photography.  Aren’t we all just a fun bunch??  Crazy… 😛

Once again, a million thanks to Gray Photography for bringing their immense knowledge, positive energy, and FUN to Sacramento.  Zach & Jody – Thank you!!  You’ve increase the value of my photography greatly!  The IN-CAMERA Photography Workshop was worth every penny!!!




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